Jordan Stanley is a 40-year advertising expert who has won every award the industry confers on its best. As a writer and producer he developed campaigns for Met Life, Kraft Foods and Whitehall Labs. As Y&R Senior VP at Young & Rubicam he created the company’s first In-House TV Production Company.

As Worldwide Director of New Business he managed creative development on 2 continents and 6 languages and collected 6 Golden Pencils, 4 Effies and 3 Lions at Cannes along the way.

With the preeminent research company Moskowitz & Jacobs, he developed and presented at the ESOMAR Congress in Vienna the first applications of online research in advertising testing and created the industry’s first predictive models using the web. As marketing consultant to McGhee Entertainment he played a pivotal role in launching the careers of Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. In the DRTV industry, Jordan is the strategist, writer and producer behind some of the most highly recognized and successful campaigns of the past 15 years, like OxiClean, MicroTouch and Topsy Turvy.

From album covers and music videos to some of the most revered campaigns in the history of advertising—including the development and launch of Advil, Jello Pudding Pops and OxiClean, Jordan has a long history of #1 accomplishments. Out of 45,000 commercials in the Procter & Gamble database dating back over 60 years, Stanley wrote, directed and produced the #1 best-performing 2-minute spot, and has 2 in the top 10 as measured by ASI/Ipsos. Jordan is also a Board Member of the Syria Fund which builds schools and implements educational programs for refugee Syrian children in Jordan so they may assimilate into the Jordanian school system and eventually repatriate.