We provide six (6) different services spanning concept testing to production:

Production — If you have a mass market product and want to maximize its marketing potential, don’t leave anything to chance. It’s our business to find the best market positioning and create #1items and brands like Microtouch and Copper Fit.
Spot Doctor — If you have a commercial that you just can’t seem to pay-out, SMW will show you how to get the highest revenue-to-cost ratio possible.
One-Stop DRTV Consulting — If you’re new to the DRTV world or wish to manage your own DRTV project, SMW can show you how to do it in a way that will achieve maximum success.
Positioning/USP Development — If you’re already in the DRTV business, SMW will help you position your item in a way to maximize success and pre-empt the competition.
Concept Validation — If you want to test the market potential of your DRTV product before making a big capital commitment to it, SMW can test your item or any component of your marketing program so you can move forward with confidence.
Market Validation — If you have an item that’s already been validated in the lab, but want to know how well it will perform in the real world, SMW can concept design and implement a DRTV test shown to be 97% accurate in predicting real world success.